Collie's of Sealand Softly Star Red " Sweety "
Vice-national Agility Champion in Agilityteam competition 2001


Rough collie bitch, born: 19.05.1996 - LOL 21823
(HD, CEA-PRA clear),AGILITY - A 3


Sire: Int. Ch. - Worldwinner98, Steadwyn Stagecraft
Dam: Angeleye's Only Passing By - BH I - LawH I


Sweety started her career immediately in Agility where she fulfilled her mission enthusiastically. She advanced from A1 to A2 and than to A3 in only one year of Agility.
She did her first run on 23rd August 1997 and the last "Excellent" needed for the advancement to A3 was achieved, with a second place on 8th August 1998.
That's quiet a feat considering that Sweety was only 2 years and 3 months old at that moment.