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The Collie Breeder Interview

The Wizard's Castle Funny Collie Photo is updated weekly. This picture always features at least one collie. If you have fun pictures of a collie, please send them to us. If you have a good scan of your collie funny photo you can send it by email, but you can also send a print of your collie photo by snail-mail, we'll return it to you: our mail address is on the homepage.

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Credits for contributing to this section go to:
Agoutin Family, France
Alexandra Török, Hungary
Andrea Moss
Anita Spielvogel, Germany
Annel K. Greene, Clemson, USA
Annette Heuvelink, Holland
"Barreix", Urugay
Béatrice Graf, Switzerland
Beck Family, Germany
Bernadette Radinovic, Luxembourg
Bertie Smeijsters, Netherlands
Birgit & Claus-Peter Fricke, Germany
Bob & Janet Lamont
Carla Harper, Luxembourg
Claudia Liewer,Germany
Conny Gauter, Germany
Daniel Hernstein von Glahn, Germany
Dawn Buchanan, USA
Debbie Gun, USA
Dietmar Schaeffer, Austria
Dominic Borg, Malta
Doris Kina, Germany
Ed Leadbetter, USA
Eija Moody, Finland
Eileen Mason, USA
Eliane Zwygart, Switzerland
Elizabeth Boyd
Elizabeth Frost, Denmark
Eva Engvall, Sweden
Evelyne Cromer, France
Fern Sargeant, Great Britain
Gerd Schlegel, Germany
Gertrud Arndt, Sweden
Giovanna Galmarini, Italy
Gudrun Hartmann, Germany
Hazel Hunt, Great Britain
Heike Möller, Germany
Ilja Janssen, Holland
Ina Eggert, Germany
Inge Harth, Germany
Janet Cunningham, England
Jill Peach, New Zealand
Joel Rosenberg, Connecticut, USA,
Johny Lück, Luxembourg
Jolanda Berkelmans, Holland
Jörg Langebarthels
Josef Ourednik, Czech Republic
Judith Papp, Hungary
Judith Sipka, Hungary
Kati Gálusz, Hungary
Karola Opitz, Germany
Kimberly Weiss, California, USA
Kovàcs Zsuzsa, Hungary
Krisztina László, Hungary
Ladislav Giure, Slowenia
Lia Dahlin, Finland
Lilo Kiel, Germany
Marci Sudlow
Mariata Wiklander, Sweden
Marijke van der Noordaa-Mertens, Holland
Martina Ramm, Germany
Mary and Marietta Dennis, USA
Michaela & Josef Ourednik , Tchecoslovakia
Michelle Tennis, Wisconsin, USA
Mike Beatty
Dr. Mike Piff, Great-Britain
Monika Rasche, Germany
Monique Paulus, Luxembourg
Natalya Herndon, Germany
Nikolay Tsvetkov, Ukraine
Noreen Saukko, USA
Patricia Harris, USA
Paul Taylor, Canada
Rike Schlegel, Germany
Rochelle Ehrlich, South Africa
Rosemary Nicoll, Great Britain
Ruth Langebartels, Germany
Sandra Mindermann, Germany
Shiree Garriock-Klein , Germany
Siv Klamberg, Sweden
Sonja März, Germany
Susan Allemeier, Germany
Ulla Larssen, Denmark
Wendy Hills, UK
Wollny, Germany
Wolf Peeren, Germany
Yves-Marc Pfyffer, Switzerland


Mom - I don't want my picture taken!

Haha Mom - you were too slow!

I said that I don't want my picture taken!

Okay - I'm about tired of this @#$% camera!

Oh please be something that I need to go bark at!

"I am so miserable I can't stand it.

Okay I will be good for ONE photo only!


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